The World of       Fyedybar
by Sydney Sinclair


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The World of Fyedybar is an imaginary world underneath the surface of Yada.  Long ago the Fosses and magical creatures lived in harmony until a great power struggle broke out.  Everyone in the land was forced to choose sides.  Fosses and the magical race lived in fear, when they learned of the evil plot to overthrow King Arthur in Camelot the magical race fled to Fyedybar, a magical place created by Merlin the Sorcerer, as a safe haven.


Launch day is finally here.  Books are available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Tate Publishing and of course at book signings.  First one is scheduled 10.26.13 at the Gourmet Cafe in Walton, KY.  Hope to see you there!  


In The Curse of Crion, Nina Gödel discovers she might have been a victim of a curse or was she?  Nina, with the help of the Royal Enforcers, traveled to Crion’s secret compound.  Along, the way they meet Gemer, leader of the Sprite race and find out Crion's plan is bigger and more diabolical than they originally thought.

Excerpt from The Curse of Crion

"Nina saw three deep scars that ran down from the top of the Brownie's hairline through her eye, to her jaw bone.  It was hard not to look and wonder what had mauled her.  She thought it must have been a large wicked beast.  When she smiled, it made the good eye bug out and look larger.  The injured eye looked like it was split in half.

The Brownie gave an evil smile after she watched Nina scurry out of the tent.  The old Brownie transformed, growing into a white-haired male Satu with three long gashes running down his face.

After accepting a mysterious gift from a stranger, newly transformed Satu, Nina, learns that she was tricked - and cursed.  Crion plans to overtake the Royal family, destroy their homeland and steal all the magic from the creatures in the land, Fyedybar.

Nina is his only means to get close enough to the Royal family to carry out his plans, but she, unknowingly, is the only one who can stop him.

With her new magic powers, Nina must find strength within herself to overcome the curse cast on her and prevent Crion from causing complete chaos and destruction of Fyedybar and its creatures.  Along a select team of Royal Enforcers, Nina sets off to foil Crion's evil plan, but along the way, she uncovers shocking secrets about her family and FFyedybar's past.




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