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Meet Saki! This guy is the powerhouse of the team, he’s got both strength and personality! Saki is a "trickster" and loves to play tricks on the other dogs, always keeping them in their toes! He is always full of mischief and we just adore him. 

Meet our beautiful girl Iris. Iris is as fast as she is strong, and is looking forward to her third year of racing. She is a dynamic part of the team and definitely contributes to the strength of the sled dog team. “She is a real beauty!” - Michelle.

Zambucca is the heart of the team. This gentle giant loves to run regardless of the temperature or conditions! Our fearless 6-year-old has been reaching for 4 years. He is one of our best cheerleaders, and we don’t know what we’d do without him.

Meet Chia! Our 4-year-old athletic powerhouse. She's gently dominant and runs any position we need her to. She's a dog you never have to think about or worry about. She raced both the Yukon Quest and the Iditarod last year and was a huge contributing factor to the great season we had.

Meet Skandic, our hard-headed, promising two-year-old! We’re super impressed with his athleticism; he’s very strong and never tired. We see him as huge potential this year, and it’s no surprise that Saki is his Dad, an amazing bloodline. Skandic has been training with us and proving to us he really wants to run; he was born for this. He loves getting praise and cuddles too. We can’t wait what the future holds for Skandic! 

Tagish Lake Kennel

Meet happy Apollo, yes he’s smiling in this photo. Apollo is a seven-year-old seasoned veteran who is a really great leader and very dependable. “He does everything!”, mentioned Ed. Last year he ran the Copper Basin, Yukon Quest, and Iditarod. He’s been running ever since he’s been born. His bestie in the kennel is Dragon. 

Meet Dragon! A 5-year-old female that we raised from a pup. Dragon is from Lance Mackey’s famous bloodlines and is an exceptional sled dog. Dragon has a beautiful thick coat and is a serious girl that is very focused on her job. She never lets us down. While we shouldn’t have favorites, Ed adores Dragon so we’re guessing she will race the Quest with him!

Meet Splash! One of Michelle’s favorite dogs. 
Last year we described Splash as an up and coming lead dog because of his hard-driving nature. At just two years old, Ed shared during a live interview last year that he was super impressed with Splash during his Yukon Quest Run. Aside from his hard-working nature, this guy is super sweet and lovable.

Say hello to Brute, brother to Nares who we posted yesterday. It’s in the name; Brute is a tough, no nonsense type of dog. He loves having a job and is a true people pleaser. Strong headed, strong on foot, combined with a lot of drive, you can't go wrong racing with Brute! 

Meet Indigo, aka "Ping Pong", and we call her this because she never stops! Indigo is part of the Superwoman litter and is appropriately named! Strong, loyal and energetic; she’s one of the top dogs in our kennel. If Indigo could talk, she would tell you that her favorite person in the world is Josh!

Meet Oakley! A fantastic dog who just loves the bush! Oakley is a sweetheart but don’t get too close to his Mama, Michelle, because he’s super protective of her! He would move mountains for her if he could! Oakley is an established dog who demonstrates he loves racing, exploring and being part of a team - a super duper sled dog who proves himself time and time again.

Meet Mackenzie! An adventurous 3-year-old that is proving to be a great leader! He's brave, strong and playful! Whenever we let him loose, he goes on a big adventure! When he was a young pup him and is litter mates would go on full day missions in the woods with Sami, and would come back just exhausted, who knows what they would get up to! Mac just loves to explore! 

Meet Viper! Best described as, “cheerful, head strong and (sometimes) confused”. 😝Brother to Tacoma, his BFF, and Mustang. Viper is playful and positive - always in the mood to cuddle and loves playtime with his buddies. He was an amazing team member last year in the Iditarod and he will be racing once again, helping us find our way to Nome.

Meet Caesar, he is one of our most confident dogs in the kennel. This veteran is 6 years old, full of attitude and charisma! He loves to be in charge, and that’s what makes him a strong leader! Caesar is one of our go to lead dogs on tough trails! 

Meet Tacoma, a handsome, happy and strong leader of ours. He's a well-rounded dog with tons of character! Tac is brother to Viper and the two are the bestest of friends, it's quite sweet. Tacoma helped Michelle last year have a very strong start at the Iditarod, while he was dropped at mile 500, he did his job! We know he will be helpful again this year!

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