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Sydney Sinclair, the creator of The Tooth Fairy Network book series, is a mother of four beautiful children, three girls, and one boy. She lives in Northern Kentucky, near Cincinnati, Ohio, with her husband, Thomas, and youngest daughter, Chase. She has one dogs, Sassy, a Golden Retriever.  Who is a gentle old lady.  She has the best manners she has ever seen in a dog.  She also is Nana to her first granddaughter, Emersyn.


Sydney didn’t start out as a writer; in fact, she didn’t think she could write stories people wanted to read because she has dyslexia. Throughout her life, she has fought to rise above the “I Can’t” stigma associated with dyslexia. Sydney encourages anyone who has dyslexia or any other learning disability with a dream to work hard and never give up. It will pay off in the end.


When her older children were young, one of their favorite things to do was to read before bedtime. She would take their favorite stories, act like she was reading, but changed the story in some way just to see if they were paying attention. It became a game to listen to see what was changed and turned into one of their favorite things to do.


When Chase, her youngest daughter, started losing teeth; Sydney wanted to make this experience special.  On the day she lost her first tooth, Katra, the Kentucky Tooth Fairy, visited. She left a special prize and a note. Katra was great at capturing what was going on in Chase’s life at the time she lost her tooth, encouraging her if there was a need or giving praise to a new accomplishment. She also revealed how the fairies lived.  She would share the information in her letters revealing something new in the Tooth Fairy World called Fyedybar.


Katra became so popular with Sydney's family and friends, they would ask if she had any recent visits so they could read the latest letter. Over the next six years, and 20 teeth, the Tooth Fairy Network was developed. 


Sydney's first book, The Curse of Crion, was published September 2013 by Tate Publishing. With this book, the reader gets a glimpse of some of the characters in Fyedybar and learn about another division in the Fairy Network.  


Her current project is Avery - The Alabama Tooth Fairy book.  She has scheduled a site visit to Athens, Alabama for July 30, 2016, to walk the city, talk with Debby Smith, High Cotton Arts chairperson, who is having a Fairy Door contest. She is also meeting Lanier Greenhaw, owner of the house where Marcus Martin, the little boy who loses his first tooth, lives. 


Her vision for the Tooth Fairy Network series is to write a book for each state.  In each book, the reader will be introduced to a new situation, a new city or town, a new child, and, of course, a new fairy and fairy door. 




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