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Avery has been a tooth fairy for a very long time; in fact she was the 22nd fairy to be assigned to the Tooth Fairy team in 1819, when Alabama gained its statehood.  Back then, visiting children was easy; there weren’t very many people in Alabama.  Making deliveries in one night wasn’t a big deal; now, Alabama is getting so large, it has over 7 million people.  It takes all her fairy dust, and then some, to complete her nightly deliveries.  No matter how much magic she has, she feels like she doesn’t have enough time.  Her blue fairy wings can’t keep up!  She needs some help! Amirah Mae, a know-it-all fairy who needs to be taught that you can’t learn everything from a book, is the newest member of the Alabama Tooth Fairy squad.


Headquarters, (HQ), receives a message from Dr. Michael Martin. His son, Marcus, will be losing his first tooth soon.  Dr. Martin has a special request for the Alabama Tooth Fairy.  If it can be arranged, he would like for Marcus’ first prize to be the last piece in the telescope they are building together.


Their story takes them to the beautiful city of Athens, Alabama, to the High Cotton Arts fairy door located inside the community art gallery.  Avery teaches Amirah how to navigate the Fairy door system, but Amirah gets sick and they have to travel the old fashioned way, by flapping their wings. They fly through downtown [description] towards Marcus’ house, 121 N. Jefferson Street. On their journey, the special lens breaks.


In the dark, the house looks huge; it takes up most of the block. Avery realizes fast they may not make the switch if they can’t find Marcus’ room. Will they be able to find another lens?  What will happen if they can’t get the fairy door installed?  Can Avery get her letter she is writing to Marcus finished?  How can they get everything done?  Will Marcus wake up and see the fairies? What other things could go wrong?  Avery is afraid to ask.

The Curse of Crion



​        Nina saw three deep scars that ran down from the top of the Brownie's hairline, through her right eye, to her jaw bone. It was hard not to look and wonder what had mauled her. Nina thought it must have been a large wicked beast. When she smiled, it made the good eye bug out and look larger and the injured eye looked like it was split in half.

        The Brownie gave an evil smile after she watched Nina scurry out of the tent. The old Brownie transformed, growing into a white-haired male Satu with three long gashes running down the right side of his face.  

        After accepting a mysterious gift from a stranger, newly transformed Satu, Nina learns she had been tricked and cursed.  Crion plans to overtake the Royal family. destory their homeland, and steal all the magic from the creatures of Fyedybar.

     With her new powers, Nina must find the strength within herself to overcome the curse and prevent Crion from causing complete chaos and destruction.  Along with a select team of Royal Enforcers, Nina sets of to foil Crion's evil plan, but along the way, she uncovers a shocking secrets about her family and Fyedybar's past.  Will Nina be able to save The World of Fyedybar and overcome the Curse of Cion?    


Anastasia the Alaskan Tooth Fairy

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