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Field Notes

Adara – Is when a female Satu and a male Satu meet and a marking appears on their face revealing they are lifemates.  It generally happens after the age of 15.  I don’t remember what my parents markings look like, but heard they were very distinct.  I wonder what if I know my A’Chara?

Ardán – A Land bridge connects one section of Fyedybar  to the other.  They have no sides or rails.  Crossing these can be tricky and dangerous.

Bobo – (Slang) Poor quality, bad manners or a bad situation.  Destiny uses this word often.

Dwelling Mirror – Mirror located in most Fosse houses.

Elysium (E-liz-i-um) – Heaven or final resting place for all magical creatures.  It is also used when someone is frustrated or in disbelief.  I notice Quinn likes to use this.

Fizz – A popular fizzy drink in Fyedybar.

Fosse – What Satus call humans.

Fèile (Fe-lay)– It is a Fall Festival.  Held at Lislea Complex every year.  All the tribes for all three sections come to compete, sell goods, or find their lifemates.

Fuar (Fw- ar) – Cold

Fyedybar: (Fay-dugh-bar) The world under Yada.


Sections of Fyedybar:

Shyn – Upper section

Smyt – Middle section

Sleih – Lower section


  • Gentry - The tribe living in the upper section of Fyedybar. Most of the nobles live in this section.  In this section it is more populated.  There are cities, many different tribes live and work together.  They generally don’t move around.

  • Manx – This tribe lives in the middle section of Fyedybar.  They live in villages.  Some are nomads and move around during seasons, while others tend to stay in the village. 

  • Sleih Beggey – The tribe that lives in the lower section of Fyedybar.  They are completely nomads and do travel around to find food and herbs.  There is a large castle, Wynern there.

Jegend – (Jey-gend) “Coming to Age” Ceremony for Satu.  Performed when young Satus are 13 years. 

Koln- Smelling water made from flowers and herbs for females and male Satus.  Quinn had on some when this isn't on our trip.  I gathered from Toryn's reaction this isn't common for Enforcers to do. 

LIERA – Television and video phone.  Not sure if the letters mean something.  Will ask Dexter next time I see him.

Merlin Auditorium – Named in honor of Merlin, friends with Queen Nimah and King Oberon.  Located in Binnachay.  This is where large celebrations and graduations are held.

Nymph- Baby or very young Satu.

Parabolic Mirror – Is a huge mirror transporter.  It allows many Satus to travel to the same place at the same time.  They call out the destination and walk through.  Interesting note: After you say your destination the mirror ripples and you can see the other side before crossing.  When closing the mirror it lags before instead of shutting down immediately.


Parkoita (Par-ko-ita) – Dark blue almost black bat-like creature that lives in caves.  They sleep upside down.  I can testify their dung smells really bad.  Hope to never smell it again.

Pixie –Referring to a stage in a young Satus life.  Ages are between the age of 3 -13 years.

Protection Stone – A purple stone that comes from Bangera Mountains., located in the upper most section of Shyn.  It is very remote and hard to get there and is why it is very rare.  The stone holds great protecting powers.

Picture drawn by Sam Kickingbird, Illustrator


RESA – Cutting edge technology.  Again I need to ask Dexter if this letters mean something.

Reverie (Rev-er-y)- Absorbs magical essence from all magical creatures. Invented by Mácca.


Sago- An invisible ancient symbol of Satus.  Located on all Satu’s right palm.  It allows a Satu to perform basic magic.


    Picture drawn by Sam Kickingbird, Illustrator


Satu – Magical creatures living in Fyedybar.  Human-like in appearance, but are smaller and most have wings.  Fosses call us fairies. 

Shazam – Excusing a sneeze.

Strikernator 1200 – Weapon of mass destruction.  Built by Crion to destroy Fyedybar.  It holds the concentrated magical essence and transforms the essence into a laser.  Large gun. 

Strikenator Core:  Located in Mácca and Crion’s laboratory at Wynern Castle.  The box contains siphoned magical essence, from Riverie, from captured creatures. 

Kamra – This device captures imagines like Fosses’ cameras.

TARA – Is the main computer system in Fyedybar and located is Binnachay.

Tè – Hot

TIME – In Fyedybar verses Yada is very different.  
            1 hour = 1 month
            1 day = 2 years
            1 week = 14 years
            1 month = 62 years
            1 year =  744 years 

Wheely – The wheely was invented by Dexter Finnigan.  It is a 2-wheel vertical bike looks like a sego.  I have never been on one personally but hear it is fun.  Maximum speed: 10 MPH. 

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